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  • Marta Vojnic Purcar
    Marta Vojnic Purcar--- Offline
    I was a teacher for 20 years... Until I burnt out, left the profession and moved countries with my husband and two teenagers in 2016.

    Now I'm back in the education sector, this time supporting learners and staff behind the scenes.

    I completed the Ultimate EFT Certification Program in May 2023. I had experienced the transformative impact of Tapping on my own wellbeing prior to deciding to get certified. I saw the potential of EFT for empowering educators and students in an academic setting, and now I use tapping to support colleagues and learners of all ages to release blocks that stand in the way of achieving their goals with confidence and ease. I also help them improve relationships in a school setting and clear unwanted emotional aspects of academic life.
  • Rachna Amin
    Rachna Amin--- Offline
    Discover the transformative power of EFT with Rachna !
  • Stacey Altomari
    Stacey Altomari--- Offline
    Life doesn't have to be a struggle. Allow me to guide you to a more peaceful, loving life.
  • Veronica Bovenzi
    Veronica Bovenzi--- Offline
    Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back in life? EFT can help you!
  • Amanda Miller
    Amanda Miller--- Offline
    Hello! If you are feeling stuck and you aren't sure why, that seems to be my forte! :)
  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson--- Offline
    Manage Stress, Overcome Anxiety, Unlock Your Highest Potential
  • Rose Winter
    Rose Winter--- Offline
    Healing might be closer than you think.
  • Carrie Saba
    Carrie Saba--- Offline
    Helping you release the stress & silent struggle within so you feel happier and shine brighter.
  • Get Unstuck With Lindsay
    Get Unstuck With Lindsay--- Offline
    EFT helped break me free from decades of chronic anxiety. Today is the day you get Un-Stuck too.
  • Lexie Danner
    Lexie Danner--- Offline
    I am a licensed therapist here to help. I look forward to working with you!
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