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  • Health
  • Bev Nerenberg
    Bev Nerenberg--- Available for Session
    Go from the Stress response to Relaxation response easily, effectively and quickly! Let's tap!
  • Sarah Louise Lilley
    Sarah Louise Lilley--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Stephanie Wiand
    Stephanie Wiand--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Brittney Sounart
    Brittney Sounart--- Offline
    EFT Coach and Clinical Herbalist specializing finding your joy and bring balance into your life!
  • Rashne Baetz
    Rashne Baetz--- Offline
    I help you calm your nervous system when you are distressed, so you can peacefully face and work on your challenges. As you release your burdens, you make space for joy in your life, and feel more connected to yourself, others, nature, and your Higher Power.
  • Shirley Bryant
    Shirley Bryant--- Offline
    Clinical EFT (tapping) is a scientific evidence-based practice and a stress management tool.
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy--- Offline
    Jeremy is a communication coach who helps people express themselves with confidence, clarity & ease.
  • Michal Goldenberg
    Michal Goldenberg--- Offline
    Can't blame it all on the hormones? No one get's you? Let's tap to find relief, clarity & peace!
  • Anita L Bains
    Anita L Bains--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Karen White
    Karen White--- Offline
    I'm a retired nurse who still loves connecting with and helping others.
  • Jolin Lin
    Jolin Lin--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Tabitha Frazer
    Tabitha Frazer--- Offline
    Magnifying awareness, boundaries, and compassion for those seeking to improve health and wellness.
  • Olivier de Quelen
    Olivier de Quelen--- Offline
    Resilient entrepreneur & single dad, tapping for growth.
  • Sylvie Stuart
    Sylvie Stuart--- Offline
    I lived a life seemingly unfazed by stress, concealing inner turmoil. Surviving losses & managing a life-threatening illness, I denied lifelong anxiety until my 40s. Outwardly, I projected ease, but my body clenched unconsciously. I coped with adversity by dissociating from my feelings. Always braced for the worst, relaxation eluded me.
    EFT (Tapping) transformed me. My body eased, breathing deepened, & I faced buried emotions, free from shame. Compassion flowed for my younger self. Listening to long-suppressed feelings didn't magnify them; it gave them a voice, nurturing their release with love.
    My body relaxed, my mind found peace, and my spirit soared. Relationships softened, became loving and supportive. I spoke my truth without fear of judgment, listened deeper, and my life transformed beautifully. Accepting help, I healed.
    Suppressing emotions and concealing truths leads to unhappiness and disconnects. Break free from protective barriers and embrace all of yourself. Step into a peaceful, powerful, and whole you. The world awaits your true self. Join me on this supportive, empowering journey to self-love and authenticity.
  • Gaby Garza
    Gaby Garza--- Offline
    Hi! Ready to transform your thoughts? ¿List@ para transformar tus pensamientos? Let's tap!
    DONNA LARKIN--- Offline
    Be Free With EFT! Tapping can bring relief to the different stressors in our lives...let me help :)
  • Lynne Staley
    Lynne Staley--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Murielle L Fellous
    Murielle L Fellous--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English, French, Hebrew
  • Veronica Lopez
    Veronica Lopez--- Offline
    Stressed? Let's help you release what's weighing you down and bring you relief.
  • Michelle Castro
    Michelle Castro--- Offline
    Michelle Castro is an educator and EFT practitioner who believes in tapping as a self-helf tool.
  • Evan Gregor
    Evan Gregor--- Offline
    You can get through this. Tapping helps tremendously. I can guide and support you in the process.
  • Murielle Fellous
    Murielle Fellous--- Offline
    Expert with diffiicult parenting and relationships.
    Let's tap in English, French or Hebrew
  • Beatrice Anduze-Faris
    Beatrice Anduze-Faris--- Offline
    Reconnect with your Purpose by letting go of past traumas that don't serve you anymore.
  • Jennifer Douglas
    Jennifer Douglas--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Karla SImme
    Karla SImme--- Offline
    Clinical EFT, a wonderful tool to help manage your stress and anxiety, I invite you to tap with me!
  • Regina Arras
    Regina Arras--- Offline
    It would be an honor and my privilege to support you on your journey to health and vitality!
  • Vivienne Rose Diamond
    Vivienne Rose Diamond--- Offline
    Tapping into inner strength, building resilience and unearthing emotional balance xoxo
  • Marta Vojnic Purcar
    Marta Vojnic Purcar--- Offline
    I was a teacher for 20 years... Until I burnt out, left the profession and moved countries with my husband and two teenagers in 2016.

    Now I'm back in the education sector, this time supporting learners and staff behind the scenes.

    I completed the Ultimate EFT Certification Program in May 2023. I had experienced the transformative impact of Tapping on my own wellbeing prior to deciding to get certified. I saw the potential of EFT for empowering educators and students in an academic setting, and now I use tapping to support colleagues and learners of all ages to release blocks that stand in the way of achieving their goals with confidence and ease. I also help them improve relationships in a school setting and clear unwanted emotional aspects of academic life.
  • Kristin Elise Kraggerud
    Kristin Elise Kraggerud--- Offline
    Tap into your potential with EFT. Find clarity and purpose. Experience relief & surprising shifts ♥
  • Kristen Herrera
    Kristen Herrera--- Offline
    Interested in releasing stress and tension in the body? Let’s tap now!
  • Peter Takacs
    Peter Takacs--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Josephine Settle
    Josephine Settle--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Patricia Meronek
    Patricia Meronek--- Offline
    "Nothing is more important than that you FEEL GOOD." -Abraham Hicks

    Patty is well versed in the Law of Attraction and loves assisting clients with letting go of old limiting beliefs and simply shifting there verbiage in order to create a more positive feeling vibe.
  • Toni Charbonneau
    Toni Charbonneau--- Offline
    Are you feeling stuck in a relationship? Can't move forward? Let's transform your life with EFT.
  • Monica Evans
    Monica Evans--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Dawn Rae
    Dawn Rae--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Ellen Feldman
    Ellen Feldman--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Christa Daschner
    Christa Daschner--- Offline
    Exhausted? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Recharge your energy, feel calm. Let's tap.
  • Kitty Mrache
    Kitty Mrache--- Offline
    After practicing & teaching natural healing methods for over 45 years, I realized that EFT is the most effective way of healing trauma, so I decided to dedicate myself to assisting people to transform themselves with EFT.
    Witnessing my clients' quick healings, I was so inspired: EFT is an incredibly powerful way to clear trauma, pain, anxiety and help people and humanity move forward toward self-worth, love and kindness. I would love to support you to clear your issues and trauma so you can create the joy and love in your life that you deserve.
    Having been married to 2 different husbands for 50 years, I have a deep understanding on what makes relationships joyful and what destroys them. If you, as a woman have been struggling with control (or lack of) issues, by using EFT we can clear out the childhood and adult trauma that could be holding you back and keeping you from knowing your inner power, joy and strength.
    Trauma has a way of re-emerging in our adult relationships, so if you are tired of repeating the same unworkable relationships, we can use EFT to clear out the cause so you don't feel attracted to people who will reignite your childhood trauma.
    I am also working on getting EFT into schools. If you want to help me with this, either as an EFT Practitioner, a parent or teacher/administrator, go to my Facebook page I created for this purpose: The ABC's 4 Tapping in Schools. The A= align, B=build and C=collaborate. Let's get this done and transform humanity!
  • Robin Straight
    Robin Straight--- Offline
    Energy practitioner since 2000 using EFT & Reiki. EFT can become a tool for you, for life!
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