Vivienne is sparkly, empathetic, curious, trustworthy; with wanderlust in her blood. Vivienne’s love of learning and yearning to dig up her wounds to find true purpose has allowed the development, unfoldment and blooming of her authentic self.

Vivienne is a Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner who resides in Australia with her fun, teen son. EFT helped her to alleviate the deep wounds of emotional hurt that often felt like a searing knife stab in her heart. Previous rejections, betrayals and constantly feeling shameful in her relationships were the triggers.

Vivienne’s true purpose is to guide others gently, in a compassionate way so they can unearth their self-healing roots and discover their inner light sparkle. Revealing buried pains/conflicts/wounds from their childhood to support their healing journey, thus blossoming like a unique, elegant, magnificent Rose.

Vivienne provides a safe and supportive space needed for the delicate healing process and works with clients 1-1 online or in group sessions. Vivienne is honoured to serve here today as a guide and supporter to inspire humanity’s innate ability to heal by turning inwards.


• Seeing through core beliefs around feeling shameful, unloveable, powerless, a failure and not good enough
• Setting proper boundaries and learning to flourish where planted
• Understanding childhood memories and healing buried pain and/or conflict
• Becoming aware of the inner critic/internal judgements
• Eliminating limiting beliefs/thought patterns that are no longer serving
• Breaking habits that are unhealthy for our bodies

Experience and Qualifications

• BSc (Bachelor of Science)
• Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certified Practitioner
• Fundamental NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
• Coach, Mentor and MasterMind Facilitator
• Diploma in Spanish Language & Culture
• Diploma in TESL/TEFL (Teaching English as a Secondary/Foreign Language)


Working hours

• I have a flexible schedule and if I am online, I am available.
• I am currently in Australian Eastern Standard Time - AEST.


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