My authentic approach with EFT Tapping for all ages seeking to improve their mental, physical, and overall health. As a certified teacher I have had the pleasure of working with children for many years. And my three teenagers continue to offer me first-hand learning experiences that I can also give to clients.
Offering support and guidance while clients find the resourcefulness from within to approach life challenges with more confidence. Boundaries are important to learn within a safe space, full of compassion and empathy as we navigate life obstacles and create client-led goals to ultimately find greater joy and satisfaction.
Learning to love oneself for enhanced fulfillment, opening possibilities for more positive relationships and adventures. Connecting to self, growing community, and aligning with others for more joy and ease.


I work with clients who have experienced challenges with narcissistic relationships - professional or personal
Children of all ages facing difficulty with self-esteem, chaotic or controlling family dynamics, body image, and overall sense of self-worth.
Childhood and adult trauma
Self-esteem and acceptance of age or gender-related stress and triggers
Mid-life women seeking greater joy, courage, and acceptance of life paths
Anxiety relief
Enhancing fulfillment

Experience and Qualifications

Clinical EFT Universe Practitioner Certification
Heartshine EFT Narcissistic Trauma Practitioner
Yoga Instructor
Certified Elementary School Teacher


Working hours

Monday - Friday 4pm - 7pm MST
Sat and Sun 3pm - 7pm MST


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Languages Spoken

  • English