I lived a life seemingly unfazed by stress, concealing inner turmoil. Surviving losses & managing a life-threatening illness, I denied lifelong anxiety until my 40s. Outwardly, I projected ease, but my body clenched unconsciously. I coped with adversity by dissociating from my feelings. Always braced for the worst, relaxation eluded me.
EFT (Tapping) transformed me. My body eased, breathing deepened, & I faced buried emotions, free from shame. Compassion flowed for my younger self. Listening to long-suppressed feelings didn't magnify them; it gave them a voice, nurturing their release with love.
My body relaxed, my mind found peace, and my spirit soared. Relationships softened, became loving and supportive. I spoke my truth without fear of judgment, listened deeper, and my life transformed beautifully. Accepting help, I healed.
Suppressing emotions and concealing truths leads to unhappiness and disconnects. Break free from protective barriers and embrace all of yourself. Step into a peaceful, powerful, and whole you. The world awaits your true self. Join me on this supportive, empowering journey to self-love and authenticity.


Grief and loss, Anxiety and stress, self doubt. navigating relationships

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Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner


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Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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