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Are you carrying around negative emotions, past hurts or pain linked to your past?
Are you "stuck" or in a rut and can't move forward?
Do you have carers fatigue from always putting your parents, partner, lover, children, friends, workmates needs ahead of your own?
Do you need to find a solution just for you that works?
Do you deserve to be happy?

If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions I would love to connect with you to help you let go of the useless thoughts that run through your head and the negative emotions that are taking up space in your life which are stopping you from moving forward.

I am offering you the following SIGNATURE PACKAGE if you would like to work with me to make positive changes in your life

10-minute free consultation
First Session: 1 1/2 hours = $195.00
Follow up Sessions: 2 x 50mins = $230.00
Includes free access to tapping points and how to use the basic recipe videos.
Printable self-help resources so you can use EFT Tapping! yourself between sessions.


Tapping with Kids.
Parents/carer a one-hour EFT Tapping session prior to my working with children $130.00. Tapping with children - $65.00 per 1/2 hour.
Printable tapping points included.

Sue Suchocki
Emotionalogist and Clinical EFT Practitioner
Applied Techniques


Social and Emotional Sensitivities associated with Anxiety, Fears, Phobias; Put-Downs, Bullying, Limiting beliefs and trauma in families.

Related Behaviours and Emotions of a person living, caring or working with ADHD/ASD.

Individuals, Teens, Adults. Working and Stay at Home Parents and Carers;
Kinship and Foster Families.

Experience and Qualifications

EFT Practitioner and Qualified Trainer and Assessor since 2010 -
Guided Solutions; Student of Gary Craig; Faster EFT - R Smith;
Mentor - Dr Peta Staplton; EFT Universe Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner - Dr Dawson Church.

Special Education and Child Safety Support Office.

Owner of Applied Techniques Training.
ADHD/ASD - Workshop Developer and Facilitator
SIMPLY 1-2-3 Behaviour Support Facilitator
EFT Level 1 "Your Story".
EFT Tapping With Kids.

Author - "The Emotions Behind Bullying Behaviour" at home, school, workplace or online cyberbullying. Your Simple Guide to Tapping Out Bullying + Bonus Online Tapping Videos.


Working hours

Appointments available from 7.30am to 7.30pm subject to availability
Monday to Sunday.


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