Specialties include physical issues, pre/post surgery, specific anxieties, tackling serious or long-standing issues with surprising levity, working with men, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, PWDs, all ages, etc., and more. Highly intuitive, I’m happily in recovery from C-PTSD and have had heartening successes using a very flexible approach. I incorporate Eden Energy Medicine and other healing/coaching needs when appropriate. I’m also a speaker, educator, workshop leader, writer, artist, performing poet, nature enthusiast, kayaker, furmom, and designer with plans to build a tiny home in a large van.


* Pain and physical issues.
* Specific anxieties including test anxiety, social anxiety, fear of flying, health/medical/procedure anxiety, etc.
* Working with men, teens, LGBTQ+, rural folks, and more.
* Savvy approach to racism, ableism and other social issues.
* Tackling serious or tough issues with surprising humor.
* Attachment wounds and C-PTSD.
* Severe pregnancy nausea.
* Life changes and transitions, both desired and unexpected.
* Integrated with spirituality when applicable.

Experience and Qualifications

> EFTU Certification.
> Also an Eden Energy Medicine trained practitioner.
> Established practice at
> Professional background working across race, class, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, culture/religion, urban/rural, and more.
> See specialities above.


Working hours

Various hours currently, and by request.


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