EFT calms the body, brain and nervous system. It works like acupuncture through the meridians, without the needles. It's powerful for various triggers of unwanted emotional responses, like: anxiety, fears, anger, disgust, frustrations, grief, pain, sadness and etc. to transform beliefs and feelings that do not serve you to have the best life that you were meant to have. Chronic stressors can actually change the brain physiology. Symptoms and disease can be the body's attempt to heal stress and trauma. You have the power to change those thoughts and behaviors as well as instill more positive emotional states, beliefs and goals. Awareness is the first step in healing or changing.


I work with a variety of needs from all walks of life. I work
a lot with traumas, whether large or small. A trauma to one might not be to another. They come in all sizes, shapes and descriptions. They come from childhood and adulthood. It's according to how the original event or events were taken in and internalized in that persons mind, body and spirit. We all process different events on different levels.

Experience and Qualifications

I am a retired family nurse practitioner and have studied different healing modalities for yrs. I am now serving as an alternative healing coach working with clinical EFT techniques, color therapy, aromatherapy, sound and vibrational healing, meditation, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, spiritual healing and others.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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