As a Clinically Certified EFT Practitioner, my mission has always been to support the youth in gaining emotional stability and unlocking their full potential through improved well-being.

Despite having a seemingly ideal childhood, EFT enabled me to trace my limiting beliefs, fears, and undesirable behavior back to childhood experiences. It aided in removing my barriers and allowed me to evolve as an individual. Wish I had discovered EFT-Tapping earlier in my life!

The moment I transitioned from a client to a practitioner was when my daughter, a teenager, was hospitalized with severe stomach pain. Despite the ineffective relief from morphine, Tapping was effective in reducing her pain. She used tapping to address the emotional elements and school-related trauma hindering her recovery, and her pain has not returned since. Impressed by the potency of EFT, I became a clinically trained practitioner. There are numerous young individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs and daily challenges, and I aim to assist them through EFT.

As a practitioner, I specialize in resolving issues such as pain, anxiety, fear, phobias, limiting beliefs, cravings, grief, and goal setting. My approach involves listening to clients and assessing their priorities. I integrate EFT with other holistic techniques such as Reiki, the Eden Method Energy Exercises, and Mindfulness to create personalized sessions.

As a guide, my responsibility is to help clients access their emotions, uncover relevant memories, and break free from limiting beliefs that are deeply ingrained.

I collaborate with children and youth and those who take care of them, educators, teachers, providing support through either in-person sessions at my office or virtual consultations via Zoom video worldwide.

My goal is to equip children and youth and those around them with a powerful tool that they can use throughout their learning journey and break limiting belief patterns.


* Working with Children and Youth and helping them to find greater ease in life.

- Cultivate Self-Love and Self-Esteem
- Manage Tests & Exam Anxiety
- Release Fear (FOMO!)
- Overcome Limiting Beliefs
- Goal Setting and Increasing Performance

Experience and Qualifications

* MSc (Master of Science)
* Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner
* Reiki Master

* Clinical EFT
* Energy Healing Modalities - Reiki; Breath-work
* Eden Energy Exercises and Tools
* Mindfulness


Working hours

Located in Singapore
Monday to Friday : 9am to 6pm (Singapore time zone)
Saturday : 9am to 1pm (Singapore time zone)

Flexible to set up a mutually convenient time outside the working hours if needed.


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Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi