Learn to use EFT to help regain composure and calm when facing difficult situations. Explore your deeper sadness and work with the younger you inside. There may be emotional parts of you detached to help you through a difficult situation, but if the trauma you experienced is not fully resolved, they can hang on throughout your lifetime, causing you to derail from your chosen paths. Together we will release these protective versions of you from their vigil to allow you to live in the Now and attract what you want.

Tapping helps you zoom in and resolve those old sources of pain and confusion. It allows you to forgive the other person or persons as well as yourself though understanding from your new perspective.


Healing yourself from past incidents.
Reducing your emotions from current stressors.
Helping you to set new goals and make a plan that excites you to wake up and start each new day.
Dealing with loved ones that are addicted to drugs. I designed and teach a program using EFT combined with step-by-step actions to 1) reduce emotional response; 2) reduce emotional responses to other stressors; 3) change your focus away from enabling the addict, and instead directing more love to yourself and other family members; 4) learn to recognize and respond to manipulative talk and actions in your addict, yourself, and others; and 5) set new goals.

Experience and Qualifications

Certified EFT Practitioner; Certified Matrix Reimprinting

Helped clients to:
clear current and past issues;
help them clear addictive cravings;
alleviate allergies;
resolve attractions to recurrent negative incidents;
alleviate anguish from being victimized;
alleviate phobias.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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