As an accomplished entrepreneur and dedicated single father of four, I understand the importance of resilience and personal growth. My journey through a challenging separation and the transformative power of tapping led by Dawson Church has given me the tools to overcome obstacles and thrive in both my personal and professional life.

With a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and firsthand experience in navigating life's complexities, I am passionate about helping others find their path to healing and success. Whether you're facing relationship struggles, entrepreneurship hurdles, or seeking to uncover your life's purpose, I'm here to support you on your journey toward empowerment and fulfillment.

Let's work together to tap into your potential and create positive changes that lead to a more balanced, prosperous, and purpose-driven life.


Specializing in relationship guidance, entrepreneurship support, purpose discovery, and business coaching. Drawing from my journey as an entrepreneur, father, and deep inner spiritual work, I provide valuable insights and tapping techniques for personal growth and business success.

Experience and Qualifications

Drawing from 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and a dedicated commitment to inner growth, I've honed the skills to overcome challenges and achieve success. My journey, enriched by EFT tapping under Dawson Church's guidance, has empowered me to navigate personal hurdles and business expansion. With expertise in relationship dynamics, entrepreneurship, purpose discovery, and business coaching, I'm here to support your journey towards growth and achievement.


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Every work day from 14:00 to 16:00


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