Nicole Ivens is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Professional Counsellor.

I specialise in supporting your emotional wellbeing. As a child I was always described as being sensitive and overemotional, I now work to help clients to feel emotionally strong and confident in coping with their emotions and sensitivity.

I am also a mum to two teenage girls who also use EFT to cope with the ups and downs of teenage life and our eldest daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy a few years ago.

I have found EFT to be a great gift to us as a family in managing anxiety for both our daughter but also myself as her mother, her father and her sister.

If you are finding it hard to understand and cope with your emotions, I encourage you to book a private and confidential session with me.


I'm experienced in helping clients with Family Relationships, Stress & Anxiety, Food Cravings, Self-Belief, Managing Emotions, Behavioural Patterns, Children, Teenagers, Parents and Parents of Special Needs Children.

Experience and Qualifications

Level 1 & 2 EFT, Intermediate EFT Certification, Diploma of Counselling, Statement of Attainment Child Development and Effective Parenting, Statement of Attainment Family Therapy.


Working hours

Flexible hours, if I'm online, I'm available. Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone


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Languages Spoken

  • English