Miriam Palacios-Cadena


I am Miriam Palacios, a coach, educator, and facilitator. My passion is helping others to uncover new abilities, so they can have the self-agency to experience life with more joy.

I am a Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner and Compassion Integrity Training Facilitator. I offer care and compassion to address the roots of your stress and anxiety.

I became interested in Energy Psychology and the healing power of EFT after I used it to overcome my depression and anxiety. I had to go through an inner journey to let go of things that no longer worked for me, learned self-acceptance, and forgiveness in order to heal from pain and anxiety.

My coaching training and methodologies include EFT, Energy modalities, compassion skills, and social/emotional skills.
My purpose is to help others to transform their lives by bringing awareness to their emotions and feelings, learning to reset their nervous system, and to transform the way they see themselves to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

I like to tell my clients and Compassion Training participants to ground themselves and use their strengths to grow, be resilient, and to bring joy to their lives.


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Experience and Qualifications

Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner
Certified Compassionate Integrity Training (UNESCO) program
SEL Social Emotional Learning
AA in Business


Working hours

Tue- Fri 3 to 7pm. Sat 8-10 am Pacific Time


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Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish