I love working with business professionals and coaches who are ready to take themselves to the next level. We work together to create goals, explore the inner blocks that are keeping them from attaining those goals, and then clear those blocks, allowing the energy to flow naturally to them. I use this same approach with relationships and weight loss. We change the magnet (you), and in so doing, clear your resistance to success in business, relationships, and a healthy weight and body image, allowing your dreams to come to you. Find peace and gratitude at any time. It IS possible!


With my coaching clients, I primarily work with issues around clearing blocks to success in the areas of work, business, relationships, and weight loss. For brief Stress Solution sessions, this may include topics such as food cravings, body image, self-value, fear of success or putting oneself "out there," stress, anger at another person and triggers. Tap as you explain your issue and then allow me to explore and guide you to the core, underlying issue and then clear it.

Experience and Qualifications

I am a certified clinical EFT practitioner (since 2015), with trauma certification. I am also a Carol Look Yes Code coach and am certified in Energy Psychology. I have a BA in Psychology and an Ed.S Degree in Educational Psychology.


Working hours

Pacific Time
Monday- Wednesday: 5:15pm-8pm
Saturday: 8am-10am


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