If you’ve ever wanted to experience more love in your relationships, let go of the past, grow your career, boost your health, change your habits, process grief, anger and other emotions, manage stress, study with more focus and achieve your goals, EFT can support you on your path to success.

I have used EFT personally to process childhood events, reduce and completely remove cravings, manage pain, improve my finances and develop healthier self-esteem and confidence!

You may like to learn EFT for yourself or so that you can share it with your children, family and friends.


I have had success working with clients on issues related to stress, anxiety, relationships, procrastination, childhood trauma, weight and health, negative thought patterns, finances, sports performance, running late, career goals and public speaking.

Experience and Qualifications

EFT Practitioner - 1


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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