I solve urgent, painful, expensive problems that my clients are stuck and struggling with and don’t know how to solve …no matter how many things they
have tried.
Helping women to breakthrough the pattern of emotional eating, endless dieting and self-sabotage so that they can finally be confident, feel gorgeous in their body and have vibrant energy to enjoy their life.
I also show people struggling with physical conditions to decrease their stress, worries and overwhelm, while increasing their sense of well-being.


I specialise in mental and physical well-being by supporting others through their weight loss struggles, emotional eating/cravings, low energy/fatigue, low mood/stress/overwhelm, physical concerns/pain.

Experience and Qualifications

Originally trained as a language teacher, worked as corporate employee and then stay-at-home mum of three, I have changed my career to follow my calling to help others. Over the past years, I've combined my personal experience and my coaching skills to create a system to help women transform their relationship with food and body.
My secret formula is a unique combination of Eastern energy work and Western psychology. I'm certified in a cutting-edge approach, of clinically proven, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), as well as in ancient modality of Yoga and Chakra work, as a Yoga Teacher.


Working hours

Mo - Fr 9am - 2pm & 7pm - 8-30pm


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Languages Spoken

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