Karolina KARO Zbikowska


I have been working with clients since 2005. First I was helping them in a field of recovery from addiction, then I was coaching them towards reaching their full potential in their sobriety. Always searching for a quicker and long lasting change, gladly I have found EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology.
By overcoming my own personal issues with addiction, low self esteem, numerous traumas and cultural limitations, I have reached the level, where traditional therapies could not help me further.
Thanks to EFT tapping, I was able to move my life into a different level with a speed of light, in terms of personal change. And I dedicated my life to help others using this amazing complex approach.
I am Polish living in Belgium. I help expats with their stress related to immigration and integration process. I deal with my clients' anxiety, burnout, physical and emotional pain, phobias, addictions and compulsions on a daily basis.
That is why I feel comfortable with the Tapping Place concept. I have experience in managing my client's crises fast and effective.

I am looking forward to support You in Your self healing journey.


Stress related to transitions in life: immigration, integration, divorce, loss, grieving process, new job, new school, teenage-hood of kids, relationship's phases. Finding the life's purpose, self love and acceptance. Overcoming low self esteem

Experience and Qualifications

Energy Psychology Certified Practitioner
NLP/Life Coach
Health Education and Addiction Prevention Specialist- University Degree


Working hours

European location. I am available in daily Brussels time.
Easy to check on Your smartphone or here:


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Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Polish