If you're looking at this, you're probably sick and tired of diets. I totally get it.

Maybe you've tried 1,000 diets and nothing seems to work (I've been there too - I even tried the one where you just drink bone broth for a week!)

Maybe you're a "Just-This-Once...It's-Ok-I'll-Start-Tomorrow" kind of person (and somehow that magic tomorrow never arrives)

Or maybe you're just tired of struggling so much to restrict yourself (I swear - that chocolate MADE me eat it!!)


I know it sounds crazy - but together, we can make weight loss fun and easy (yes- that's actually possible!)

I specialize in helping people lose weight, eliminate cravings, and feel great in their bodies.


If you're ready to stop the struggle - and are serious about loving how you look and feel in your body, let's make this happen!


- Weight Loss
- Emotional Eating
- Cravings
- Stress / Anxiety
- Body Image
- Disordered Eating
- Binge-Eating
- Over Eating

Experience and Qualifications

- EFT Universe Certified EFT Practitioner

- Watkins Method Coach (Advanced Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Techniques)

- Co-Active Coach

- International Masters of Business Administration

- B.A. Modern Languages (Japanese & Spanish)


Working hours

Weekdays: 5:00am EST to 4:00pm EST
Weekends: 5:00am EST to 11:00am EST


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