I believe we are designed to be slim and healthy, and that when we live a healthy lifestyle, including managing stress well, we begin to heal at all levels. Stress often leads to emotional eating, sabotaging all our efforts to attain a healthy weight.

Stress also leads to health problems, so managing stress can truly help us get slim and healthy!

Day to day struggles can get in the way of our quality of life, affecting our relationships, our careers, and our simple joys. Tapping is an incredibly powerful tool for dealing with these struggles, allowing us to feel better, make better choices, lose the weight we want to lose, and begin living the life we truly want to live.

I feel extremely privileged to provide support to get through the hard times and coaching to move toward what you really want to experience.


Plant-based nutrition and cooking, stress management, purpose-driven life choices

Experience and Qualifications

I am certified as an Energy Psychology Practitioner and as a Life Coach.

I am certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.
My degrees include: B.Ed., MA in Culture & Creation Spirituality, and A.S. in Nursing.

I have worked as a teacher, RN, and counselor in private practice.

I currently teach nutrition and cooking classes both online and in live settings.

I also currently provide health and weight loss coaching, including energy psychology techniques such as EFT.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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