I became a Medical Doctor in France and practiced medicine for several years in a hospital in Paris, helping people living with HIV and AIDS through outpatient clinic and clinical research, as well as people fighting cancer through pain management, palliative care and end of life issues.
Although I am not practicing anymore, I am still on a mission to help people in need. I discovered Emotion Freedom Technique several years ago and see it as a beautiful yet effective combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the gentle stimulation of acupuncture meridians (tapping), and techniques of the Western world such as Cognitive and Exposure Therapy.
It helped me. It can help you.


Anger, Sadness, Grief, Business Issues, Serious Diseases, Trauma

Experience and Qualifications

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner


Working hours

I am currently available most days of the week OUTSIDE of business hours (after 5 pm, weekends) and I am based on the East Coast of the US so on EDT time zone.


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Languages Spoken

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