In essence, what has been drawing people to my office for the past 17 years is ultimately a state of confusion. Confusion about an event, an interaction, a behaviour or a goal. When too many opposing or unwanted emotions hit us, such as
confusion is a safeguard against further action, hence a healthy coping mechanism.

As a psychotherapist and an Energy Psychology Practitioner, I welcome your confusion as the fertile and creative ground that we can safely begin to contemplate and demystify. As tension and stress are released and melted, you will come back to a state of balance and clarity, focus, confidence and joy in the process of life are restored. This is a more childlike state when curiosity, wonder, intuition and openness guide us more than fear and worry.

Are you ready for more clarity? Call me!

In addition, I offer supervision sessions to EP practitioners. As an ethical and responsible caregiver, it is important to address these times when our clients trigger us (they bore us, irritate us, we can suddenly feel very judgmental, or distracted), and we find ourselves standing in our own way as practitioners. I have found as a supervisee these sessions to be incredibly rich and eye-opening on issues, beliefs or memories we didn't know we were still struggling with.


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Experience and Qualifications

Registered Psychotherapist (Gestalt psychotherapist)
EFT Practitioner
Energy Psychology Practitioner (in final stages of training)


Working hours

Every day 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and by appointment


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