A breakup can be devastating, especially if the relationship was there for a big chunk of your life. You lost the sense of security within your family, wondering whether it was even real to begin with. You question yourself and your worth. You feel overwhelmed by life, not knowing the next step to take. You wonder whether being happy and fulfilled is possible for you, or maybe it is just for other people. You can’t help the way you feel, and hope that someone will say something nice so that you feel a little better, just for a little while, but actually the whole world is against you, nobody gets you. You live in fear about what might happen next. You feel under threat, and you have never felt so alone.

It doesn't have to be this way. Together we work to transform this loss into a journey of self discovery, bringing you to a place where you feel a sense of completeness and fulfilment, where whether or not you are in a relationship won't matter, because in any case you are flowing with love and appreciation from within.

The unknown doesn't have to be scary. It opens up a world of opportunities, of which you are the creator. It is an open playground, you are free to play, and you can have whatever you want. The unknown is a blank canvas, and you are the painter.

I know it's true, because I have been there. I have moved from being in an unhappy marriage, feeling doomed, lost and helpless, to feeling complete and happy, whether I am on my own or in a relationship. I have traveled extensively, transformed my career and now am the proud single mom of a beautiful baby boy.

Let's team up together to find out how to let go and make room for your new reality.


Processing grief and loss
Addressing fear and anxiety
Inviting love and appreciation
Achieving inner peace
Manifesting abundance

Experience and Qualifications

I am a certified energy psychology practitioner and PSYCH-K® facilitator.

I have given over 50 energy psychology sessions to 20 different people and I have received over 50 sessions with my coach. My personal life experience and transformation has given me the insight needed to guide others along their path. I can meet people where they are at and gently guide them to where they want to be, all this in a gentle and soothing way, with no judgement.

I am a qualified finance manager and entrepreneurship graduate, whereby I use the skills and experience gained to run a successful practice and help others to maintain a healthy flow of money in order to support their goals and dreams.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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